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Treated Timber for fresh water and inland area (CA-B)

Our Vacuum Pressure treated timber can be applied in all fresh water and inland areas. A few examples of product usage include: playground slides, landscaping accessories, decking, and bridges. The main components of CA-B preservative are copper and azole, and according to application purpose, treated timber can be divided into different grades.

Our company is capable of treating structural beams:

•Treated timber to apply in marina projects (by CCA preservative)

•Treated timber to apply in fresh water and land projects (by CA-B preservative)

•Treatment onto laminates of structural post and beam

•Treatment onto integral post and beam

•Treatment by multiple preservatives, such as organic oil-based type and water-based type specifically for indoor components

•Treated timber in light brown or dark brown colors 

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Changchun New Sunlight Wood Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003. Through commitment and hard work over the past 17 years, we have improved techniques to preserve timbers, excelled in the manufacturing of precise prefabricated structural components..

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