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Stair Handrails

Our stair handrails are made of high-quality Larch, Birch, Pinus Sylvestris from Russia and Southern Yellow Pine for US showing fine textures. After being treated by steam kiln-dry equipment, the timber contributes size stability. To make our handrails, the wood is made into structural timber by lamination with primary structural adhesive (PUR), zero formaldehyde, and coated with water-based eco-friendly paint free of VOC or any other volatile matter. As a result, our stair handrail has reliable strength and stable performance and it gives users a fluid, smooth, natural and intimate feeling. The normal sizes of our stair handrail’s cross section are 38mm x 90mm and 48mm x 90mm. However, custom design service is available for any requirement of cross section, length, radian or rise and processing can be done in compliance with the codes of client’s Country.

Our Three-dimensional Structural Streamlined Handrail can be divided into two types: Streamlined Solid Stair Banister and Small-section Streamlined Handrail.

The Three-dimensional Streamlined Solid Stair Banister is an innovative product of our company and it mainly refers to a wide-span structural beam product. According to varied design requirements, the banister facade is gradually formed obliquely along the longitudinal lines of laminates. While meeting the load requirements of the national specification of in the user’s Country, it fully demonstrates the ultimate challenges of engineered Wood.

The width can be between 700mm and 1400mm. Due to the restrictions of container inner length, Streamlined Solid Stair Banister should not exceed 11.5m in length.

The Three-dimensional Small-section Streamlined Handrail refers to a structural beam product with cross section at around 40mmx90mm. According to varied design requirements, the elevation of handrail is fluidly formed along the longitudinal lines of laminates and its length is controlled within 11.5 meters.

 The tree species used for the handrails are Larch, Pinus Sylvestris, Red Pine and Birch from Russia and Southern Yellow Pine from the US. We use the world's primary structural adhesive (PUR) which is free of formaldehyde and water-based coating with no volatile substance.

Environmental protection and “Going Green” are our continual goals. It is everyone's responsibility to use sustainable forest resources and protect non-renewable resources. Our target is to bring you joy in your new home with transformed modern engineered wood.


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