Company Profile

Changchun New Sunlight Wood Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003. Over the past 17 years, through commitment and hard work of our staff including those having 30+ years’ experience in wood intensive processing and construction projects, we have improved the techniques to preserve timbers by vacuum pressure treatment(for floating piers, marina bank-protection projects, etc.), to heat treat timbers, excelled in manufacturing wood prefabricated structural components (such as light frame house, mass timber house, container house, Prefab free-combination modular house, large-span treated structural beam, three dimensional curved structural beam) and achieved success in the production of super structural wood windows as well as large super structural floor. The completion of our timber structure testing center, allows us to provide our customers with a complete service chain. Beginning with timber material modification, to the manufacture of wood structural prefab components, to the supply of fasteners and house auxiliary products, and to testing of products, Changchun New Sunlight Wood Products Co., Ltd. is the full service company to satisfy your company’s needs.


For timber treatment, the company owns multiple vacuum pressure treatment equipments, and it is capable in the following vacuum pressure treatment technologies:

-         Treat timber to apply in marina projects (by CCA preservative)

-         Treat timber to apply in inland projects (by CA-B preservative)

-         Treat timber to light brown or dark brown colors

Referring to different application purposes and component specifications,

-         treat integral component or

-         treat timber onto laminates of component (best solution for super long component or special shaped component)


Moisture Content Control is one of the key facts to keep stable timber performance, the company uses auto and semi-auto steam drying equipment and superheated steam thermo-treatment system to control it.

Component testing is the significant step to control quality, the company has set up a wood structure testing center, and equipped a complete set of instruments for testing anti-shear strength and dip-peel performance of structural adhesive joints, preservative content of component, machinery stress rated of laminates, physical property of prefabricated components (including an 80LM chute-type platform for testing bend-strength of large span beam) and anti-corrosion test for fasteners, etc. And this has strengthened the power of our quality control.

On the road of innovation, we never stop running forward, and has produced the longest experimental treated structural beam in the world (116 meters), treated structural beam with variable cross-section with the largest span in China (span: 43m, rise: 9m) , and three-dimensional curved structural beam in variable shape. Every time of innovation has involved our staff’s intelligence and hard work.

A safe and fast construction is an efficient way to save client’s installation cost, and a precisely machined component is the premise to it. So the company uses sets of CNC sawing and drilling integrated equipments as well as planning, sawing and cutting machines as powerful guarantee.

During construction, there are some particular and dangerous facts in both marina and land projects, but through our years’ on-site construction experience, our processing technique got to keep improved.

In August 2005, we won the bid for the Marina Project of the Qingdao Sailing Center for the Beijing Olympic Games (2008). The construction quality was praised by leaders of the International Sailing Federation and the General Administration of Sport of China. In collaboration with other construction teams, we won the "Luban Award"--the highest architectural award in China.

Challenge is our permanent interest.

-     In 2010, we created largest individual light frame building (2800 square meters) in China. The construction was part of the “Happy Coastal City” timber framing construction project in Qingdao.

-     In 2013, we did the light frame project of Administration Center of Red Island in Qingdao (1000 SQM). The construction was completed within 51 days, including interior decoration and amenities, set quickest speed record in China for this category of project. Officers of the Qingdao government and National Development and Reform Committee were pleased with the construction and praised it with their high comments.

Breaking through the limit of supplying prefab wood components, we also aim for exporting whole-set houses. As the first company in China to export high-quality integrated Mass Timber House System which includes prefabricated wood structural components, windows, doors, stairs, cabinets, rock wool insulation, waterproof roll, fasteners and screws, in 2019, New Sunlight has joined the construction project of Timber House Demonstration Village in Inchon of Korea by offering multiple house systems.

In consideration of the installation convenience and saving cost for transportation and amenities arrangement, we have developed new products -- Container House and Modular (free-combination) House which is easy to transport and integrated with home amenities, and the purpose is to provide clients with more flexible options.


With the aim of protecting the environment and benefiting future generations, sustainable forest resources should be used in positive and reasonable ways while the use of non-renewable resources including steel and concrete should be phased out. The company insists on the open, inclusive, and cooperative concepts and principle of “Quality First & Client First”, and commits to making positive contributions to the sustainable development of the global green building industry.


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